What is PTSD and How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

I read this story recently on BBC that got me thinking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how it’s often perceived.

For a lot of people, it conjures up images of war veterans who have seen active combat and are traumatised by their experiences. Being involved in military combat is one of the events that can trigger PTSD but you don’t need to have been in the army to be affected by it.

Christmas can be a tough time for anyone struggling with PTSD, with a lot of pressure to act “normal” and happy.

In this blog post, I’m looking at what is involved with PTSD, the events that can trigger it and how hypnotherapy can help to overcome it.

Who can be affected?

While we strongly associate PTSD with having spent time in a warzone, it can affect anyone who has been involved in a traumatic event or witnessed one.

Some of the things that can trigger PTSD include being involved in a serious car accident, being assaulted (including sexual assault), experiencing abuse (physical, emotional or sexual abuse, especially long term abuse), witnessing a violent death, being caught up in a natural disaster, being the victim of a terrorist attack and being diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening health condition.

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Walking and Smiling Depression

I’ve previously blogged about high functioning anxiety, a type of anxiety in which you’re still functioning to a high standard despite being strongly affected by anxiety.

This can also happen with depression. With “walking” or “smiling” depression, you’ll still seem completely normal to other people but inside, you’re struggling with depression. People with “walking” depression go about day-to-day life and go to work, take care of family and socialise. You can even appear happy on the outside, especially if you’re hiding your true feelings behind a smile.

Because you don’t fit the common stereotype of depression (such as being tearful, not being able to get out of bed and not being able to function at all), a lot of people won’t even realise you have depression. And sometimes, you may not even be aware yourself that you’re depressed, often because you’re still high functioning.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk more about walking and smiling depression, how to tell if you’re affected and what your treatment options are.

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Diabetes and Hypnotherapy

You might have read the recent news story about diabetes and the effects on the NHS? The cost of diabetes-related prescriptions has risen to £1 billion a year and it’s estimated that 1 in every 20 prescriptions written by GPs is linked to the condition. Most of these are for type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is often linked to lifestyle factors and it’s possible to prevent it.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the health effects of diabetes and give a bit of insight into how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people with diabetes to lose weight and improve their lifestyle to make it easier to manage the symptoms. And if you don’t have diabetes right now, losing weight and changing your lifestyle can help to cut your risk factor in the future.

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Panic Attacks: How Hypnotherapy Can Help?

If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, you’ll know just how scary they can be. They are an exaggerated response to stress and while they can have obvious triggers, it’s not always clear why they occur.

Panic attacks tend to be brief and most only last for around 20 minutes (although it can feel an awful lot longer!) but that doesn’t make them any less intense. Many of the clients I’ve helped to overcome panic attacks have been worried that they were having a heart attack or would pass out. The intense fear that panic attacks bring can be hugely debilitating but it can be overcome, and hypnotherapy can be a very successful way to regain control.

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Just a quick email to let you know how I am getting on. I came to you on the 14th feb to stop smoking, it has been great I have had no craving and not even thought of having a cigarette. My sleeping has also improved and so has my sons since I have put the cd on in his room @ bedtime. Tha...

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Feb 25, 2013


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